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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Congratulations ladies!

I really didn't want the 6 weeks to end, but now that it's offically over I'm thinking of the next one, it will be amazing when we start.
We had a wonderful work out today with a perfect day of light wind and hot sunshine. It was so cool to hear the kids playing and have a couple of pups running around, while we chatted and worked our butts off. We couldn't ask for a better life for us and our kids.

Congratulations to the women who have already done fitness assements. Good job! If you haven't got to yours yet no problem, I can always help you out if you'd like me to. The results were great! Some moms/women had more results than others, but i can see that we all tried really hard and it is and will show more and more as time passes by.

I can't wait to see you all again in two weeks. Keep posted to see and hear more....

Have a relaxing and happy couple of weeks.


  1. Lisa, I couldn't possibly explain to you how great you are!!! You have been such a great teacher and leader through all of this!!! You're helping me to reach my goals after so many years of not getting any results! I'm really happy to report that I was able to lose 9 1/2 inces off my body in total! I'm very happy about my progess that I've made physically and most importantly, emotionally too! I am definitely a different person walking out of this 6 weeks...or should I say, running and kicking my butt out of this 6 weeks! Can't wait to see you again in 1 week and 4 days!!!

  2. That is fantastic news Trish! You are so beautiful in and out. I am so excited for you, I know (or see it in your face) how hard you were working. I can't wait to see you in a week as well.
    Take care.