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Sunday, July 4, 2010

5 weeks and huge results.

Congratulations to the moms that had to wrap up the 6 week challenge early, and finished the fitness test. The results are huge! Our beautiful mom of a 1yr. old , Pam, has lost 5inches around her waist alone. Her flexibility doubled and Pam's core was 3 times stronger! All in 5 weeks of the Tyson Method Boot camp! I am so excited for you Pam! Pam is just one of the many women that have reach unbelievable goals. I'm very proud of all of you and can't wait to hear all the result after the fitness tests next week.

Our 5th week was interesting and busy with last day of school and Canada Day , switching up our normal Tuesday and Thursday boot camp. But we figured it out and fit extra hard work outs in. One of them being the core yoga boot camp. It was different from the other sessions and really cool for the moms to see that they COULD do some of these hard core exercises.

The Tyson Method has not let us down once. It is never boring and always challenging.

The next 6 week boot camp is starting July 20th Tuesday. Make sure you tell me you want to re register. Alot of the moms have already and there are a few new ones joining , so make sure you've got your name in.

One more week to go , so lets make it count !
Hope you had great Canada Day!

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