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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Congratulations ladies!

I really didn't want the 6 weeks to end, but now that it's offically over I'm thinking of the next one, it will be amazing when we start.
We had a wonderful work out today with a perfect day of light wind and hot sunshine. It was so cool to hear the kids playing and have a couple of pups running around, while we chatted and worked our butts off. We couldn't ask for a better life for us and our kids.

Congratulations to the women who have already done fitness assements. Good job! If you haven't got to yours yet no problem, I can always help you out if you'd like me to. The results were great! Some moms/women had more results than others, but i can see that we all tried really hard and it is and will show more and more as time passes by.

I can't wait to see you all again in two weeks. Keep posted to see and hear more....

Have a relaxing and happy couple of weeks.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


We're back at it at the start of the 6th week. It felt a bit hard for some today having a longer period off with Canada Day. It was great to see everyone giving it their all. I really notice the moms being able to take it further than ever before. They all had great form and were able to handle more than the beginning.

The weather was amazing and the kids were as well. It really is such fun to work out with these beautiful moms/women and be able to have the little ones play in the park close to us.
My kids loved me telling them this morning that we had boot camp.

I can't wait to see how are last day goes, never mind the fitness tests at the end.

Take care, and see you on Thursday!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

5 weeks and huge results.

Congratulations to the moms that had to wrap up the 6 week challenge early, and finished the fitness test. The results are huge! Our beautiful mom of a 1yr. old , Pam, has lost 5inches around her waist alone. Her flexibility doubled and Pam's core was 3 times stronger! All in 5 weeks of the Tyson Method Boot camp! I am so excited for you Pam! Pam is just one of the many women that have reach unbelievable goals. I'm very proud of all of you and can't wait to hear all the result after the fitness tests next week.

Our 5th week was interesting and busy with last day of school and Canada Day , switching up our normal Tuesday and Thursday boot camp. But we figured it out and fit extra hard work outs in. One of them being the core yoga boot camp. It was different from the other sessions and really cool for the moms to see that they COULD do some of these hard core exercises.

The Tyson Method has not let us down once. It is never boring and always challenging.

The next 6 week boot camp is starting July 20th Tuesday. Make sure you tell me you want to re register. Alot of the moms have already and there are a few new ones joining , so make sure you've got your name in.

One more week to go , so lets make it count !
Hope you had great Canada Day!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Week four

Great job on week four! I feel like we've come along way from the 1st week of bootcamp. We're definitely stronger ,leaner , healthier and possibly smarter. We've become aware of what we are capable of. Also that we can take ownership of the way our body works and listen to it's needs , weather it be taking it a bit easier to avoid injury or breathing through the pain of burning fat off our growing muscle. This 6 weeks will change our life forever, mentally and physically.
I've very proud of all 30 women that are working their butts off . The hard work is and will be paying off . And you'll notice it it many different ways in the end. Keep up the good work and remember to eat smart not less. Have a fun and relaxing weekend girls !!

Monday, June 21, 2010

What i eat during a day

A few of you are having questions about eating. Below I wrote out a typical day of eating for me.
I hope it will help you understand healthy eating. I eat often to keep my metabolism going and i eat for energy and health. I feel healthier than i did in my 20's, so that is my pay off.

6:00-3 cups of warm water and then coffee with agave nector
7:00-oatmeal with agave nector and almond milk
8:00- protein  shake
8:30- multi vitamin, omega 3
10:30-raw potato,(yes, it's weird, but i love raw potatoes) hand full of walnuts
12:00-rice wrap with chicken breast and tomato sauce and a little cheese on it
2:00- carrot, orange
3:00- banana, hand full of raisins
4:00- sweet potato with squash and gluten free pasta(i cooked it in coconut oil)
5:00- carrot
7:30-pop corn(2 cups)

I drink 8-10 glasses of water a day
I drink 6-8 cups of tea a day
I often have 1/2 a glass of red wine at the end of the day

Approximately 2000 calories
And my calcium was low when i punched this into vitabot, our tracking system for food ( i usually have this problem so i take a calcium supplement when i remember)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A little encouragement

Are you the kind of person that commits to a diet once a year as your New Year’s Resolution? You lose the weight, and then as soon as you stop dieting, you gain it all back again? If so, then you’re like thousands of other women out there. You are a seesaw dieter.
As a seesaw dieter, you may drop 15 pounds in a month or two. You starve yourself, push yourself to exercise, and do everything you can possible do to fit into that dress. Usually you have a motivating factor such as a school reunion or a wedding to attend and you want to look your best for people you see once every 10 years. Does this make sense? Shouldn’t you want to look your best all the time?
But you still do it. And then once the event is over, you go back to the life you lived before and say hello to those 15 pounds once again. Why? What is missing in your life that you allow this to happen? The answer is motivation. What motivates you to lose weight? You want to look good for an event… but you could look good all of the time.
Setting yourself goals or rewards can help you lose the weight and keep it off for good. By using this same motivation, you can look great for yourself and the people you see every day! The key is to start out slow. Don’t crash diet. Don’t start running 5 miles a day. This will quickly wear you down and have you back on that seesaw in no time.
Take is slow. Set yourself monthly goals. Take the time to eat right with a diet that you can maintain as a lifestyle, not just a fad. Eating healthy isn’t just a great way to lose weight, it’s a great way to stay fit and healthy and feel good about yourself.
Reward yourself. Try to stay away from food rewards, but if you crave ice cream, it’s ok to indulge yourself at the end of the month… IF you reached your goal. And just because you indulged does not mean your diet is ruined. Too many people give up once they fall off the wagon and give into temptation. Treat each day like a new day to eat right. What you ate yesterday doesn’t matter. What you eat today does.
Promise yourself a shopping trip or a weekend getaway if you reach your goal this month. Treat yourself to a day at the beach or dinner with friends. What do you like to do that you never get to do? If it means spending money, then maybe if you cut out the extra cup of $5 coffee you have every day, you can have some extra cash to burn.
Whatever it is, the key to successful dieting is to find what motivates you, and use that to reward yourself.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Half done the 6 week challange!

I can't believe that we are at the half way mark in our 6 week challenge! Time flies when your having fun.
I 'd say everyone did a great job at the work outs this week. The bootcamp is getting harder as we are getting in better shape so we progress. The tae boe was a favorite of mine and I think there were a few women that were really able to let of steam from the day, and loving it. What a great way to get strong and healthy. To be able to still have the bootcamp under the shelter while it was raining felt unreal! Nothing better than to breath in the fresh smell of rain as we worked out. The kids seemed to not mind it either. My pup on the other hand was a bit worried over the thunder but maybe not as worried as when the kids discovered she was there sitting under the pram.
Again there are more and more women losing the weight they want and felling stronger as they do it. A huge Congratulations to you all!
I'm very much looking forward to next week..... hope you have a great weekend.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Loved the work out today Lisa!! I know I will feel that tomorrow. I find myself craving these workouts, and can't wait till the next one comes, it also gives me huge incentive to work out the days in between. Thanks again Lisa :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Great work!!

Great work everyone!!!
What a fantastic work out yesterday! Lots of hard leg and arm work. The mosquitoes were working just as hard on trying to get us , but we are tough women that made it through.
More and more people are noticing the hard work that we're putting in to the work outs. If you didn't notice this last time you might just be dead, or not squeezing enough. And from what I could see we were all working really hard.
Now lets not forget about our nutrition part of it . If anyone has a favorite tip for their daily diet let us know about it. It will be great to share our ideas.
With all of this our 6 week result will be huge! And it will be something that we'll change in our daily life forever.
Keep up the great work girls!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another great workout! I liked being outside once again despite those nasty mosquitoes. I haven't really noticed the workouts getting easier - my legs are feeling like rubber this afternoon - and was glad to hear Lisa say that she really is pushing us a little harder each time so we don't plateau. I think (or at least hope) I'm also pushing myself a little more each time as well. Anyway, here is my little "testimonial" that I am feeling results. I took my kids for a bike ride yesterday after not having gone for awhile. Where I live, that means nasty gravel roads, no shelter from the wind (and uphill both ways...). Pulling 70lbs + of children in my bike cart means that I often don't actually make it that far because it isn't actually that fun, just painful. I was so pleasantly surprised to bike a few miles yesterday without effort. YAY for getting stronger and finding everyday stuff easier! Keep up the good work Lisa (and all you other moms/ladies - working out in a group is SO much more fun than doing this alone!)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Two down four to go!

Woo Hoo! We finished week two with smiles and sweat! It was fantastic!
A big Congratulations to a lot of our ladies in bootcamp that have been getting results they want and more.
Some of the comments that have been said are hilarious but true. Some are "even my mouth is sore!"." I feel like I've been kicked in the stomach." or "I can't sit to pee."
But as the weeks roll by, feelings of soreness is less and strength is more. Keep up the good work ladies!
Just remember to listen to our body , we want to keep growing in strength and not break it down with injury.
Have a great weekend and see you on Tuesday!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Well that was a bit different, working out in the arena today. The ladies did an amazing job and worked to the limit. Fantastic work girl!!! The kids were calm and entertained with coloring running along side us. Two moms were comforting thier young babies during the work out and looking beautiful and energetic doing it. Job well done!
Today we added 5 more wonderful women to the crew. It'll be exciting and fun as we all work to our goals together.
I think we'll all be sore tomorrow, so drink your water take a walk and heal for Thursday, because we'll be hard at work again.
Can't wait to see all of you then.
Great workout Lisa - wow did we ever sweat!! I was kinda dreading being in the arena, but it actually went really really well (other than being so blasted hot). The kids did well again today and I love that they like to run with us. Such little troupers. It was so cool to see some Moms running and lunging while carrying their babies - they are going to be in super shape in a really short time. See you again on Thurs - rain or shine.

Friday, June 4, 2010

All I can say is WOW! I hurt everywhere but it's amazing b/c I know my body will look better and I will feel better! To me, the bootcamp exercising is almost an emotional experience! I want to be fit so bad that I literally can taste it, so yesterday while I was exercising...I was also crying. But that's me - I feel everything! I feel that I will be able to reach my goal b/c while exercising at home is still good, I'm a competative person and I like the challenge with the other girls there! It's also nice to feel apart of a team! Lisa, I just want to say a HUGE thank you!! You are SO encouraging and fun!! Even though it hurts so bad - I can hardly wait till Tuesday!

Another great time at bootcamp!

WOW!! Thursday's workout was so fun and..... well what would you say girls? Exhilarating?
The women tried beyond what they thought they could do, which is fantastic but lots of hard work that is well worth it. The kids again were absolutely beautiful and were getting a workout themselves by running all over the playground. I think only my kids came up to us.
It's only been our second bootcamp and already the kids are adapting a bit better.
It's so good not only for ourselves to be out there getting fit but also for our kids to see how much fun it can be to stay healthy.
Lots of the women have done the fitness assessments , well done! It will very interesting and fun at the end of the 6 weeks to see how well we've done. If there is anyone else that would like me to help them along with theirs , I'd be more than happy to help you out.
I'm looking forward to seeing you next Tuesday, have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ok so I guess I am computer illiterate!! This took me so long to figure out! Lol
Any way, the work outs are the best, the company, and the outdoors and wonderful Lisa pushing us to do our best! I am thoroughly enjoying them and yes I am also in a lot of pain, but no pain no gain! I feel better already, and can't wait for next Tuesday :)
This bootcamp is AMAZING! Thanks SO much Lisa for all your hard hard work to become a trainer here in Rosenort. Thanks Tami for training her!! I love working out in the outdoors - the fresh air and the sounds of the kids laughing - its all great. My butt hurts like CRAZY, but I love the pain. I am already looking forward to your next bootcamp Lisa!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day One

Admittedly, day one didn't go so smoothly for me. My 3-1/2 year old did great, and had a blast playing with Lisa's kids. My 9 month-old however wasn't in the mood. I struggle with what to do... the 9:15 class falls right at her naptime, which is an important one. The 5:00 class runs right into suppertime for my kids, and my baby girl's "witching hour". She wasn't very happy to just sit and watch the action during the class - and I was so disappointed. To be honest, I went home and cried. This was something I want to do for ME, and of course, it felt like that wasn't going to happen. I haven't given up, but I certainly do feel a lot less motivated now, knowing that I may end up carrying my baby around when I want to be doing the workout. On the bright side, though I only got through warm-up and a few exercises, I feel a little bit stiff this morning. Perhaps that goes to show how out of shape I am! It's good though - I'm glad to feel like I did at least do SOMETHING other than watch everyone else.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My long-winded thoughts on the morning...

Well, I'll be a sucker and give my thoughts on the morning! To echo Lisa, it really was fantastic! There is nothing more inspiring than working out with a bunch of others - particularly when they are all moms and are somewhat in the same "boat." I've had trouble keeping very regular workout routines over the last 10 years (and 4 kids later) but have tried to be at very least, active. I am not a good self -motivater, but rather competive, so programs are good for me. The workout was tough - but the good kind and it feels so good to work some of those muscles that don't daily get a workout. I've had a little headstart, trying out some sample workouts with Lisa, and without those, I probably couldn't have kept up as well as did. So, I can already vouch for the program giving results as my stamina (right word?) has definitely increased.
Lisa is a great motivator and the whole program definitely targets the areas that I know I need to tackle so I am super excited to keep going. While I haven't tried the website nutrition tracker yet, I have been using a calorie tracking program the last week ,and now, being aware of my BMR, I am building awareness on making changes in my diet. I know that my weight stays very steady and I probably won't show dramatic results, but if nothing else, eating well and exercising regularly does make me feel better about myself, and to me (and my family), that is important! Thanks Tami and Lisa for bringing this to our community!
Oh! And don't forget about the nutritional guide on the website. Lets make this 6 weeks a good start for the rest of our lives.
I had a fantastic first session of Bootcamp!
What a great group of women! We all worked so hard , and the kids were a dream.
I would love to hear what everyone else thought about it. Please feel free to write on the blog and share your thoughts.
Don't forget your weights on Thursday morning!
Hopefully the mud will have dried up a bit more. But really whats bootcamp without a bit of mud?!
Talk to you all soon again, Lisa

How was your first class?

I cannot wait to hear all about how you liked your first bootcamp.
Please blog about it.
This is a place to share your experiences and connect with each other.
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts...
Tami Tyson

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Welcome to The Tyson Method by Lisa Canadians!

I just wanted to say a quick hello.
I am so excited to be able to bring Canada everything that Charles and I have learnt about training. I really feel like you will be in the best shape of your lives after doing our program. We focus on the core and functional training. It is cumulation of 20 years of experience. (yes i am turning 38 this year)
We started this blog  for you to write about your experiences and thoughts while training with The Tyson Method. I really hope you will take advantage of it. We will also use it to post news and events to keep you updated with what is going on. We have limited room for co-authors so if make sure you sign up as soon as you receive the invitation.

I am fully confident in Lisa, your trainer. She has been working her but off. Our certification is not for the faint at heart.  She is a gifted communicator not to mention a motivation herself. After 3 kids she looks fantastic and i am proud to have her on our team. It has been such a blessing to have her be a part of The Tyson Method. We are better because of her. And i could not be prouder of her. She will work beside you to help you get in the best shape of your life.

Tami Tyson