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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


We're back at it at the start of the 6th week. It felt a bit hard for some today having a longer period off with Canada Day. It was great to see everyone giving it their all. I really notice the moms being able to take it further than ever before. They all had great form and were able to handle more than the beginning.

The weather was amazing and the kids were as well. It really is such fun to work out with these beautiful moms/women and be able to have the little ones play in the park close to us.
My kids loved me telling them this morning that we had boot camp.

I can't wait to see how are last day goes, never mind the fitness tests at the end.

Take care, and see you on Thursday!


  1. Wow did I miss being there! It's going to feel like such a long break until the next one starts up for me - I'll be so ready for it. I'm finding that vacationing is not too ideal as far as keeping up the exercise and good eating habits - but we are having fun :)
    I did my final measurements and my own fitness test before we left and was pretty happy with the results. Nothing drastic like some, but change - and that is all I had hoped for!

  2. Great work Twyla!! Thats fantastic! Yes we missed you as well.... We'll see you when your back and well rested. xo