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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Week four

Great job on week four! I feel like we've come along way from the 1st week of bootcamp. We're definitely stronger ,leaner , healthier and possibly smarter. We've become aware of what we are capable of. Also that we can take ownership of the way our body works and listen to it's needs , weather it be taking it a bit easier to avoid injury or breathing through the pain of burning fat off our growing muscle. This 6 weeks will change our life forever, mentally and physically.
I've very proud of all 30 women that are working their butts off . The hard work is and will be paying off . And you'll notice it it many different ways in the end. Keep up the good work and remember to eat smart not less. Have a fun and relaxing weekend girls !!


  1. Love this Lisa, you are an exceptional motivator and have such a gift for encouragement and leading by example. LA needs more trainers like you. You Canadians are lucky to have her.
    Love all that you said.
    We all want to live our best lives. That is what The Tyson Method is all about. Not just a quick fix but a healthier lifestyle all together. It isn't easy, but once you can get to the place where you are actually working out and eating right to live a healthier life that is when you have succeeded.
    My motive is so much more than "looking good" It is all about living my best life. I want to be strong and healthy for my children. I want to set a good example for them. I want to have energy to fulfill Gods plan for my life. I need a lot of energy to keep up with my 3 girls. I want to live my life without regrets. I don't know how long i will be here, but let me tell you, i am going to make the most of each moment i have.

  2. Well said Tam! How true, we will have succeeded when we are living a healther life not just lost the weight.
    Lets live life!!