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Friday, June 4, 2010

Another great time at bootcamp!

WOW!! Thursday's workout was so fun and..... well what would you say girls? Exhilarating?
The women tried beyond what they thought they could do, which is fantastic but lots of hard work that is well worth it. The kids again were absolutely beautiful and were getting a workout themselves by running all over the playground. I think only my kids came up to us.
It's only been our second bootcamp and already the kids are adapting a bit better.
It's so good not only for ourselves to be out there getting fit but also for our kids to see how much fun it can be to stay healthy.
Lots of the women have done the fitness assessments , well done! It will very interesting and fun at the end of the 6 weeks to see how well we've done. If there is anyone else that would like me to help them along with theirs , I'd be more than happy to help you out.
I'm looking forward to seeing you next Tuesday, have a great weekend!


  1. Oh man!! This all sounds so awesome! Way to go Lisa...I have heard so many good things :) I really hope to be able to join one day! Keep up the hard work everyone!!

  2. i am loving this new adventure that is happening in our sleepy hollow town! we may need to pick a charity and make a fundraiser calendar as there are going to be so many gorgeously fit ladies in this town in 6weeks. thanks for leading these classes as they are a huge benefit to my life.

    i do like being in the arena because its nice & hot and there are like no BUGS!