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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Great workout Lisa - wow did we ever sweat!! I was kinda dreading being in the arena, but it actually went really really well (other than being so blasted hot). The kids did well again today and I love that they like to run with us. Such little troupers. It was so cool to see some Moms running and lunging while carrying their babies - they are going to be in super shape in a really short time. See you again on Thurs - rain or shine.


  1. No kidding Dee! Thats was unreal to see some moms go hard with there babies in hand. It's so cool that our kids get to see that health and excerise is a normal part of life. Our kids will grow up strong and happy. I'm very pround of all the moms and kids.

  2. What a wonderful message to be sending our kids.
    My mom always exercised and ate right and i consider it one of the best gifts she gave me. So proud of you all for giving this gift to your children.

  3. Hi to you Tami from Kent. Thanks for sharing that bit about your mom. It really encouraged me to keep on going with our girls. They are healthy and super active and I want them to stay that way. They are such a delight in our lives.