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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day One

Admittedly, day one didn't go so smoothly for me. My 3-1/2 year old did great, and had a blast playing with Lisa's kids. My 9 month-old however wasn't in the mood. I struggle with what to do... the 9:15 class falls right at her naptime, which is an important one. The 5:00 class runs right into suppertime for my kids, and my baby girl's "witching hour". She wasn't very happy to just sit and watch the action during the class - and I was so disappointed. To be honest, I went home and cried. This was something I want to do for ME, and of course, it felt like that wasn't going to happen. I haven't given up, but I certainly do feel a lot less motivated now, knowing that I may end up carrying my baby around when I want to be doing the workout. On the bright side, though I only got through warm-up and a few exercises, I feel a little bit stiff this morning. Perhaps that goes to show how out of shape I am! It's good though - I'm glad to feel like I did at least do SOMETHING other than watch everyone else.


  1. I think it sounds like it went pretty good. It was the first time, and a new thing for your kids. I have been teaching bootcamps4moms for over 3 years with kids and it usually takes a couple times before they adjust. And kids go through phases, it isn't always going to go completely smoothly, but what does when your a mom? I always think that i am just getting an extra hard w.o when i have to hold my little one. And believe me the w.o's are hard so sometimes a little break is nice. You are so lucky to be able to have this opportunity to w.o. with your kids and with other moms that understand. And Lisa is amazing, just keep it up and you will never be sorry you did. I have never had anyone ever tell me that they wished they would have quit when the 6 weeks were over. You can do it! Do it for you, your kids and your health!
    You will never regret it!

  2. Sad to hear that you didn't enjoy yourself. Water off a ducks back, meaning start fresh next week. Like Tam said being a mom is hard work, but forever rewarding. We would never be able to keep trach of all our tears. So lets try again and make it work!