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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another great workout! I liked being outside once again despite those nasty mosquitoes. I haven't really noticed the workouts getting easier - my legs are feeling like rubber this afternoon - and was glad to hear Lisa say that she really is pushing us a little harder each time so we don't plateau. I think (or at least hope) I'm also pushing myself a little more each time as well. Anyway, here is my little "testimonial" that I am feeling results. I took my kids for a bike ride yesterday after not having gone for awhile. Where I live, that means nasty gravel roads, no shelter from the wind (and uphill both ways...). Pulling 70lbs + of children in my bike cart means that I often don't actually make it that far because it isn't actually that fun, just painful. I was so pleasantly surprised to bike a few miles yesterday without effort. YAY for getting stronger and finding everyday stuff easier! Keep up the good work Lisa (and all you other moms/ladies - working out in a group is SO much more fun than doing this alone!)

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  1. That is fantastic news Twyla! It makes life alot more enjoyable to have the strenght that we need. It's great to hear that your noticing it.
    Way to go!!
    Thanks and great work Twyla!!!!