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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My long-winded thoughts on the morning...

Well, I'll be a sucker and give my thoughts on the morning! To echo Lisa, it really was fantastic! There is nothing more inspiring than working out with a bunch of others - particularly when they are all moms and are somewhat in the same "boat." I've had trouble keeping very regular workout routines over the last 10 years (and 4 kids later) but have tried to be at very least, active. I am not a good self -motivater, but rather competive, so programs are good for me. The workout was tough - but the good kind and it feels so good to work some of those muscles that don't daily get a workout. I've had a little headstart, trying out some sample workouts with Lisa, and without those, I probably couldn't have kept up as well as did. So, I can already vouch for the program giving results as my stamina (right word?) has definitely increased.
Lisa is a great motivator and the whole program definitely targets the areas that I know I need to tackle so I am super excited to keep going. While I haven't tried the website nutrition tracker yet, I have been using a calorie tracking program the last week ,and now, being aware of my BMR, I am building awareness on making changes in my diet. I know that my weight stays very steady and I probably won't show dramatic results, but if nothing else, eating well and exercising regularly does make me feel better about myself, and to me (and my family), that is important! Thanks Tami and Lisa for bringing this to our community!

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  1. Loved to hear you thoughts Twyla, Sounds like it was awesome.
    If you ever need any advice with diet please don't hesitate to ask.
    It will only get better and better. You will build a strong core with our workout and feel better than ever. I am in the best shape of my life and it feels great.
    Lots of love