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Friday, June 18, 2010

Half done the 6 week challange!

I can't believe that we are at the half way mark in our 6 week challenge! Time flies when your having fun.
I 'd say everyone did a great job at the work outs this week. The bootcamp is getting harder as we are getting in better shape so we progress. The tae boe was a favorite of mine and I think there were a few women that were really able to let of steam from the day, and loving it. What a great way to get strong and healthy. To be able to still have the bootcamp under the shelter while it was raining felt unreal! Nothing better than to breath in the fresh smell of rain as we worked out. The kids seemed to not mind it either. My pup on the other hand was a bit worried over the thunder but maybe not as worried as when the kids discovered she was there sitting under the pram.
Again there are more and more women losing the weight they want and felling stronger as they do it. A huge Congratulations to you all!
I'm very much looking forward to next week..... hope you have a great weekend.


  1. Hey Lisa
    I can't believe we are half done!! I am mourning the "loss" of bootcamp already...hope we can do another one soon. It feels SO good to have energy and to see the muscles get stronger and bigger. I spent almost the ENTIRE night dreaming about bootcamp last night - good grief eh? I can't wait till Tues. I hope by then my cold will be gone. I had to push myself REALLY hard on Thurs cuz I pretty much was feeling like crap. But I kept going and am glad that I did. Have a super weekend!

  2. Go CANADIANS!!!
    I love living here in the US, but let me tell you the heart of a Canadian is something else.
    Proud of my Canadian bootcampers!
    And of course your awesome Trainer Lisa, she is such an inspiration with a heart of gold. They don't make em like her anymore.

  3. You Poor girl.... I didn't notice that you were sick at all . You did really well! Way to go! You don't have to mourn at all I'll be doing another 3 days a week bootcamp a week after we're done this one. It will be really cool, even better, more nutrition, you'll love it!
    Thanks Tam ,your beautiful! Yes Canadians are strong in and out....
    Happy Dreams Dee!! ( maybe it was the cold meds)

  4. That is funny Lisa - maybe it was the meds. VERY CRAZY night that night let me tell you. lol. You are going hard core girl - 3x a week. Yippee! How many weeks will this next one be running for? Can't wait to hear more about it. My girls are going to love being at the playground so much this summer. (as long as those dang mosquitoes die down a bit!!!) See you Tues!