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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Great work!!

Great work everyone!!!
What a fantastic work out yesterday! Lots of hard leg and arm work. The mosquitoes were working just as hard on trying to get us , but we are tough women that made it through.
More and more people are noticing the hard work that we're putting in to the work outs. If you didn't notice this last time you might just be dead, or not squeezing enough. And from what I could see we were all working really hard.
Now lets not forget about our nutrition part of it . If anyone has a favorite tip for their daily diet let us know about it. It will be great to share our ideas.
With all of this our 6 week result will be huge! And it will be something that we'll change in our daily life forever.
Keep up the great work girls!!


  1. oooh, mosquitoes would keep the cardio going. Does it make mat work impossible? I'd go nuts.

  2. Loved the work out! I can feel it again in my BUTT!! But it feels GOOD :) Keep it up Lisa, you are AWESOME!!